Segmented Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel

The Double Row Diamond Grinding Cupe Wheel is used for grind granite, marble, concrete, cement/ motar and filed stones. Surface finishing on concrete, screed and natural stone Can also be used for removal of glues and epoxies.


  • Enhanced Diamond Matrix for fast and efficient grinding.

  • Hardened steel body for increased product life.

  • Standard arbor for use in all compatible grinders and grinding machines.

  • Designed specifically for construction and masonry applications.

  • Enhanced geometric design for reduced vibration and operator fatigue.

  • The double segment configuration allows for faster material removal.


Diameter Bore (mm) Segment Height Width
80mm 3″ 16 3.0/5.0 8
100mm 4″ 22 3.0/5.0 8


Work Flow

Suitable Machines

Other Styles for General Purpose Diamond Saw blade

Continuouse Rim

Single Row

Turbo Rim

Double Row Grinding Cup Wheel

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